Photography Policy

Visitors are welcome to take photographs for their own personal use. A permit is required for those wishing to use the Gardens as the background for portraits, landscape photography or for any commercial purposes. Groups with scheduled wedding ceremonies are welcome to take photographs during their special use admission time at no additional fee.

To ensure a positive experience for you while maintaining a pleasant experience for our many visitors, please abide by the following photography guidelines:

  • No tripods are allowed during normal business hours (monopods are permitted).
  • Remain on pathways and grassy turf areas at all times.
  • Do not disturb or remove plants.
  • Do not block pathways.
  • Do not climb trees or boulders, enter water areas or step into garden beds.
  • Special occasion photos (prom, homecoming, graduation, birthdays, family reunions, etc) are only permitted with the advance purchase of a permit for a private photography session; we are not able to make exceptions.
  • Anderson Japanese Gardens assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to equipment.
  • Parties who have booked private events in a particular location of Anderson Japanese Gardens have the exclusive use of that area.
  • Drone aerial photography is not permitted on Garden property.

To reserve a private photography session, please contact Katie at 815-316-3306.