In the Guest House (pt 2)

Here is the second part of a poem I wrote while staying in the Guest House in December. It was the weekend we had that heavy evening fog, followed by a beautiful morning frost. I have been invited for another Guest House retreat, so stay tuned for more writing inspired by the house and the gardens coming soon. Happy New Year to all!


In the Guest House (pt 2)


In an atmosphere of rest

It is easy to rest

In a place of reflection

It is easy to reflect

In a place of chaos,

or violence


or fear

anger or


It is easy to become:

Chaotic, violent,

distracted or fearful;

angry or anxious—


We must strive to build places—






grocery stores


That are:

peaceful, beautiful,

loving, compassionate,

joyful, thoughtful,

tranquil, or exciting,

elegant, rejuvenating…


But in times and places

that are not so

we must strive

to remember

to be peaceful, to be good,

to be joyful and confident



it can be helpful to remember

those havens of goodness

as we sojourn through

our days

and strive to build

a better world—


I often remember the gardens;

I will often remember this house.


Matt Eighmy