September 2018 Lecture

September 2018 Lecture

Jennifer A. Rea, PhD

Assistant Professor of English, Rockford University, Rockford IL

Japanese Manga: The Intersection of Art and Literature

Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 PM

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This lecture will take you into the fascinating world of Japanese Manga, known in the United States as Japanese Comics. From its historic origins in the twelfth century to the Manga Cafes that line Tokyo’s narrow streets, this intersection of art and literature has had worldwide acceptance not only as popular entertainment, but as a form worthy of literary study. Come learn about the history of this popular literary form and how it became one of the most compelling examples of the unification of art and literature.


Jennifer Rea is assistant professor of English at Rockford University. Her academic work has spanned two islands: Ireland and Japan. She teaches the Japanese Literature course at Rockford University, and has an avid interest in everything Japanese including manga and Japanese animation (anime).