May 2018 Lecture

May 2018 Lecture

David Mungenast

Co-Chair, Anderson Gardens Tea Study Group

Sen no Rikyo: Japan’s Renaissance Man

Thursday, May 17 at 7:00 PM

FREE for Premium Garden Members | $5 for Basic and Non-Members

Sen no Rikyu is widely acknowledged to be a seminal figure in the development of the Way of Tea or Chado. He lived at the time of the European Renaissance and also at a time when Japanese society was undergoing rapid transformation and upheaval.  With the help of his powerful patrons he was able to create his own vision of the purpose and practice of tea. In so doing he created an important pillar of Japanese culture which influenced all areas of the arts and society from his time down to the present. His descendants still carry on his work in the three great Senke tea schools headquartered in Kyoto. As a result of their teaching and advocacy, we still feel his influence in modern world in Japan and across the globe. This talk will explore Rikyu’s life and times and his artistic and philosophical vision of Chado that shaped his life and eventually would result in his tragic death.


David Mungenast is an attorney in the Milwaukee firm of Hansen Reynolds. He received his MA in Asian Studies from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a certificate in history from Fudan University in Shanghai. He has been a tea student of Prof. Emeritus Kimiko Gunji and the Urasenke School of The Way of Tea since his undergraduate years. He currently serves as the Co-chair of the Anderson Gardens Tea Study Group.