August 2018 Lecture

August 2018 Lecture

Barbara Williams

Naturalist, Photographer and Lecturer, Rockford IL

Around the World and Home Again on the Wings of Bats

Thursday, August 16 at 7:00 PM

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Bats have always shared our world. They have flickered through our nighttime skies, roosted in the roofs of our houses and aroused our curiosity. We have woven them into our myths and legends and included them in our art, decorations and story telling.

To better understand our local bats this lecture will take us for a quick trip around the world. We’ll sample the incredible variety of bats found in other countries and look at some of the ways people in other countries co-exist happily with bats. We’ll spend a little time considering the use of bats in Japanese arts and design before returning to northern Illinois for a short course on Rockford’s local bats.


Barbara Williams has been a fan of bats for forty years. She started monitoring bat populations by eavesdropping on their vocalizations in the spring of 2016 with the goal of getting some basic information on the relative abundance of different species of bats that live in northern Illinois.

Barbara is a life-long student of natural history with many years of experience as a birder, photographer and traveler. She worked in Rockford at Burpee Museum’s biology department for about ten years tending and cataloguing the collections, creating exhibits and preparing specimens of plants, insects, birds and mammals. She also monitors dragonflies and bumblebees as part of the Forest Preserves of Winnebago County citizen science program.