June Lecture

June Lecture

Leslie Buck

Aesthetic Pruner & Author

Stepping into the Gardens of Japan

What is it like to work in one of Japan’s geisha gardens?  First, create a storm by climbing trees and shaking out dead leaves, avoid raking up century-old moss and end the day quietly sipping tea and enjoying culinary delights prepared by geishas in training.  Take an exclusive photographic journey into Leslie Buck’s memoir, Cutting Back, as she works with garden craftsmen of Kyoto in private homes, monasteries and an emperor’s garden.


Leslie Buck’s memoir, Cutting Back: My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto, describes her adventures as a gardener from California training with traditional garden craftsmen of Japan in private homes, monasteries and an imperial garden.  Leslie is an aesthetic prunter, instructor, and design consultant specializing in natural pruning and design.  She has over two decades of gardening experience, with a fine arts degree from University of California at Berkeley and the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts in France.