Category : Garden Projects

Zig Zag Bridge and Retention Wall Rebuild

The off season is a busy time for some of the Garden’s more intense and essential rebuilds and repairs of the Garden’s structures. Below is  a timeline of this season’s most recent project: the rebuild of the zig zag bridge and the retention wall. The project was started in early November 2015.        

Can’t Get Enough Fall Colors?

Anderson Japanese Gardens provides some of the most breathtaking displays of fall color that you’ll find anywhere. But if you still want to see more, consider visiting the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. From September 18 through November 1, they are holding Chrysanthemums and More!, the largest display of its kind in the state, featuring expansive chrysanthemum displays, fall foliage and family-friendly activities. Revered throughout Japan as a symbol of happiness and longevity, mums are […]

Gazebo Restoration Continues

Craftsman David Sipos of Minka Woodworking has finished preparing the rest of the gazebo posts and they are now carefully – and very securely – set into stones to create new footings. The stones are then set atop a reinforced concrete foundation to keep the structure sturdy and prevent moisture damage to the wood posts. With the posts in place, work on reconstructing the roof can begin. We appreciate our guests’ patience during this project and hope to remove the […]

The Gazebo Returns

Last fall, the gazebo overlooking the west waterfall was carefully disassembled, each piece labeled, and stored for the winter. The gazebo posts were made of wood set directly into the soil, and had rotted to the point where they needed to be replaced. With no other way to replace the footings, the entire structure had to come down. David Sipos of Minka Woodworks in Ojai, California is a seasoned woodworker who specializes in authentic Japanese construction. He oversaw the gazebo’s […]