August Lecture

August Lecture


Touring Roster Artist, Asian Dance & Theatre by Supasari

Shinto: Seeking the Divine in Nature


Thursday, August 17 at 7:00 PM

FREE for Garden Members | $5 for Non-Members

Shinto “the way of divine spirits” is Japan’s indigenous faith and precedes the arrival of Buddhism in Japan.  Shinto is based on ancestor worship and belief in the sacred power of both animate and inanimate beings in nature.  Its influence on Japanese arts, culture, traditions, values and beliefs is extensive.  Supasari, a native of Japan and accomplished performing artist and lecturer, will explore the Shinto faith in relation to myths, culture, arts, landscape and garden architecture.


Supasari was born and raised in Japan.  Her childhood memories are filled with the beauty that she treasured in Japanese landscape, art, and literature.  Memories that include family picnics under cherry blossom trees, kimono that her mother sewed by hand, and a set of Japanese dolls for Hinamatsuri (Girls Day Celebration).  She savored the time learning Japanese calligraphy, studying tea ceremony and flower arranging.  She received her Bachelors Degree in Japanese Literature from Rikkyo University and has lived abroad since she was twenty five to understand Japanese tradition from a multicultural perspective.  During this process, her love deepend for Japanese classical arts, especially Kagura, the centuries old mask dance and drama from Japanese Shinto shrines.  She studied Kagura with Osamu Wakayama, the lineage holder for the Wakayama school of Kaura, designated by the Japanese government as prestigious and intangible cultural property.