Monthly Archives: July 2014

Hummingbird Clearwing Moths

Each summer, when the hostas and wildflowers are in bloom, the Clearwing Hummingbird Moths (Hemaris thysbe) arrive to feast on the hundreds of flowers in the Gardens. At first glance, these large moths can easily be mistaken for hummingbirds. With a closer look, you can see that they are not birds at all, nor do they have the distinctive humming sound that comes from a hummingbird’s wings. The body of an adult Hemaris thysbe moth is spindle shaped, and is […]

Whiskey Farm / Rock & Roll Institute

Coming on  July 29 from Madison, Wisconsin, Whiskey Farm’s music is a blend of homegrown bluegrass and folk, creating a unique, pop-minded Americana sound. Tuesday’s music will feature songs from their new album, “From the Still”. You can give them a listen on their website. Admission for the Tuesday Evening in the Garden events starts at 5 pm. The opening act begins at 5:45 and the headline act goes on at 6:30. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for students, […]

Lily & Madeleine and Hiroya Tsukamoto

Performing on Tuesday Evening, July 22, are sisters Lily & Madeleine – a folk pop duo from Indianapolis who have recently released a full length album and are now touring nationally. We are so lucky to welcome these very talented siblings to our Pavilion stage. Their music is primarily acoustic, accompanied by their lovely, haunting vocals. We also welcome guitarist and songwriter Hiroya Tsukamoto to the Gardens. Some of you might remember him as a performer at last year’s Opening […]

Remembering a Friend of the Gardens

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a dear friend, Sensei Nakashima. Sensei was instrumental in promoting Japanese culture throughout the Chicagoland area, including Anderson Japanese Gardens, through Ikebana and traditional Tea Ceremony. The skill and wisdom of her teaching lives on in her many students.

The Sills and Antony & the Tramps

On Tuesday evening this week, we welcome Antony & the Tramps to the Pavilion stage. Hailing from Chicago, the band went on their first national tour in 2011, gaining a fan base that goes far beyond the Windy City. Their music has been described as eclectic/electric/acoustic, “…swinging from gentle sunshine ditties to wild soaring epics, to dirty floor American gypsy.” This will be their third appearance at the Gardens. The opening act this Tuesday is The Sills, based in Madison. […]

Gazebo Update

The gazebo restoration continues, and the structure is starting to resemble a gazebo now. The roof rafters have all been placed around the center circular “hub”, though only 4 of them are load-bearing. Wooden hoop pieces of graduated sizes, cut and carefully curved by hand, are placed on top of the rafters, and are then covered with decorative bark which is only visible from inside the gazebo. The outside will have a more functional, weather-resistant roof. In just a few […]

Recent Scenes From the Gardens

We have several garden docents who enjoy photography as a hobby, and they generously offer to share them with us. It’s also a great way to stay current on what’s happening in the Gardens, which changes with every week. Frank Schmitt, one of our many talented docents, shared some recent images including the stewartia blossoms that have recently emerged.

The Gardens are OPEN

Anderson Japanese Gardens and gift shop are open during regular hours through the Independence Day weekend, however the offices are closed. The gardens are open every day – holidays and all – from May 1 to October 31. We hope to see you!

Gazebo Restoration Continues

Craftsman David Sipos of Minka Woodworking has finished preparing the rest of the gazebo posts and they are now carefully – and very securely – set into stones to create new footings. The stones are then set atop a reinforced concrete foundation to keep the structure sturdy and prevent moisture damage to the wood posts. With the posts in place, work on reconstructing the roof can begin. We appreciate our guests’ patience during this project and hope to remove the […]

Tuesday Evening with jf.gaziano & beatmerchants

Another local favorite returns to the Pavilion stage this evening.  jf.gaziano and beatmerchants will perform a number of original compositions inspired by blues, soul and jazz. If you haven’t yet checked out this inventive and unique Rockford band, come join us at Tuesday Evening in the Gardens tonight. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the performance begins at 6:30 p.m. Give them a listen. Heavy rain on Sunday and Monday created several areas of standing water and path washouts, but our […]