gardendesigner and builder

Mr. Hoichi Kurisu is the designer responsible for the beauty found at Anderson Japanese Gardens. His artistic vision for the property began to come to life with construction in 1978. Mr. Kurisu graduated from Tokyo’s Waseda University and spent many years in Tokyo, Japan studying under Mr. Kenzo Ogata, one of Japan’s most renowned landscape designers.

Mr. Kurisu came to the United States in 1968 to accept the position of Director of Landscaping at the Japanese garden complex in Washington Park Gardens, Portland, Oregon. In 1972 Mr. Kurisu founded Kurisu International, Inc. with offices in Oregon and Florida.

Mr. Kurisu continues to this day to ensure continuous improvement of the grounds and design of Anderson Japanese Gardens. The placement of every rock, alignment of every tree, and layout of all paths has been made with careful consideration by Mr. Kurisu over the last 32 years.